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Meet the Designer: Alexys Garrepy

This charismatic, positive soul did a great job of capturing her energetic passion into every piece she creates. Alexys Garrepy is the co-founder of Alexys Ryan Jewelry, a collection that is intent on empowering women while keeping them stylish. Her line of encouraging words and tokens has caught fire in the world of fashion jewelry. We took time out to catch up with this #momboss and learn more about her creative process, her love of jewelry and why building this brand is so relevant in our world today.

Alexys Garrepy of Alexys Ryan Jewelry - Momboss, Mompreneur

 Tell us about your career path. How did you end up in the world of jewelry?

When I was young, I loved pairing outfits, finding bargains and dreaming of NYC runways. My path was supposed to lead me to New York in the fashion field, much like my aunt who travelled the world finding the best trends to bring back to the states. She was an inspiration! So how have I spent fifteen years in the world of jewelry with so many dreams of high fashion? Rhode Island and my mom! A little ad in the newspaper she sent me, led me to my first job out of college. I was an assistant sales representative for a small, family owned jewelry company. I learned so much about the history of this great little state and its place in the world of jewelry. I never knew Rhode Island was the jewelry capital of the world until I fell into the industry. It was an amazing, eye opening moment. Here I am, in 2018, trying to write a new history in the ever evolving world of jewelry and retail.
Alexys Ryan - Jewelry Designers - Affordable Jewelry

Could you share insight about the design process? How did you come up with these motifs? What originally inspired the line?

 Before I answer the question, I have to tell you that the market has changed and the evolution of the line was bred on this change. We needed something that we could put in the limelight, something that wasn’t hidden under the radar. We have always been a private label vendor, where we knew we had the capacity, but hadn’t taken the plunge.  The design process in any line is one that takes taking a dream, putting it on paper and creating a model. It is a dedication and love the artist has with their imagination and a whole ton of behind the scenes development. We designed our line with the working woman in mind, and took it one step further to the working mother. I get it: I’m a mom, I’m a businesswoman, I’m a wife and so much more. I know I’m not alone in my challenges of juggling all the hats I wear. The word choice was vital to the heartbeat of our company. We wanted women to feel goosebumps when she read the word and description. When I look back at the conceptual idea of Alexys Ryan, I can’t help but think of what helped me get to where I am today, perseverance, trust and dedication come to mind. Wouldn’t it be cool to remind other women of the hills they climb every day? That was all the inspiration we needed.

Alexys Ryan - Inspirational Jewelry

What is the purpose behind Alexys Ryan Jewelry? Why did you feel there was a need to create jewelry in this aesthetic?

 We created the line out of necessity, but also out of a career long passion to put something out there with our name on it, that symbolized our journey and was reflective of so many others.  We knew we wanted the words to be the centerpiece of the jewelry line and the aesthetic to be clean and multi-functional-classic look. Nothing that goes out of style. What also makes it unique is the symbols being the trend factor, but still the inspiration.  Not to mention it layers and goes with everything.

 Alexys Ryan Jewelry - Mom, Motherhood, Momboss, Mompreneur

What is a "momtruth"? Any of them you'd like to share?

A momtruth is simply when even the best laid out plan doesn’t unfold the way we intended. An example of this was the time I brought Twix Bars and junk food for my son’s halftime soccer snack. “Orange you glad you brought those!”, one dad told me. Apparently I horrified some of the parents with my choices. LOL. I’m a parent who believes in balance. As parents these days I feel like we have a lot more expectations these days: limited screen time, organic foods, etc. When you are full-time working mom you are doing the best you can! My momtruth is that my kids’ happiness is all that matters.

 Alexys Ryan Jewelry - Affordable Jewelry for Busy Women

You are full-time working mom. What is the hardest part of each day? The best part?

Mornings are always difficult-everyone is tired and hungry. My kids have such bad hanger. Totally get it from me. ;) My husband could go days without eating and always be calm cool and collected. Not us...we are beasts.

The best part is the moments when we all can get together to chat about our day. Bonus points if all four of us are seated and eating dinner!
Alexys Ryan Jewelry - Alexys Garrepy and Jennifer Brousseau

What's your favorite activity to do with your girlfriends? Why is making time for them so important?

Love to grab cocktails/food or coffee. Just became a coffee drinker -I know crazy. Im 38 years old. How did I live this long without it?! If we have time and can really make a day out of it love to get our nails done/shopping and to end it a perfect night with some live music and dancing! Your girlfriends can always make you laugh so hard and help you not always take everything so seriously or make you realize you are not alone.
Alexys Ryan Jewelry - Alexys Garrepy

How does your family show love and respect for one another?

We are big huggers and snuggler’s in our family. Also, we listen and sometimes you might not always like to hear what the other is saying.  Whenever we travel with my parents, my mom likes to call us a pack of wolves, because we’re always together.

Alexys Ryan Jewelry - Inspirational Jewelry - Love, Laughter, Hope, Encouragement

How do you wish to be remembered?

I hope people remember me as always having a good time and laughing-even when things might be rough. Life is too short and we could fixiate on the things we don’t like instead of fixate on all the good things we do have.

 Alexys Ryan Jewelry - Ambition Necklace

What does it mean to be an Alexys Ryan woman?

A women of strength and compassion.


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